Girls' Brigade
Meeting Times
(Younger girls)
18:00 - 19:15
(Older girls)
18:30 - 19:45

Some of your questions answered:

Who? The 1st Chandler’s Ford Girls’ Brigade. Part of the Girls’ Brigade which is a worldwide Christian organisation founded in 1893.

Where? Chandlers’ Ford Methodist Church, Winchester Road

Members : Girls from the age of 5 to 18 years. Girls work in sections according to their age. The youngest (5-8 years) are called Explorers; 8-11 year olds are called Juniors, 11-14 Seniors and 14 + Brigaders.

When? Thursday evenings. The Explorers and Juniors meet from 6.00-7.15. Older girls meet from 6.30-7.45 at the moment.

What do we do? Have fun and make new friends. The new Explorer programme is full of different activities such as games, crafts, stories, as they “n:vestigate” with Gabby and Barny, finding out about God and lots more. The Juniors, Seniors and Brigaders take part in similar age appropriate activities. There are stickers to collect each week for the sticker book and badges to gain. Occasionally we meet on Sunday for Church Parade with the Boys Brigade. There are also fun evenings, outings, parties and for Juniors and above camp holidays and sleep overs to look forward to.

How Much? The subs are £60 per annum at the moment, but this is reduced to £48 if you Gift Aid and pay by standing order (e.g. £4 per calendar month). If there is not a tax payer in the family your subs are reduced to £48. There is an additional joining fee of £20 payable in the first half-term to pay for things like subs until the next holiday, a sticker book, a bag for badges and to help towards the 1st annual fee to GB HQ.

Uniform: The uniform is constantly evolving and being added to. There is now much more choice allowing the girls to select items and colours that they like. The basic uniform is black shoes, navy blue or black socks, navy blue or black smart trousers, all purchased from your local shops. Then there are a range of tops available from Girls’ Brigade head quarters including navy or purple polo shirts, v-neck sweatshirts, hoodies and fleeces, again in navy or purple at the moment but the range is expanding. Hair should be neatly tied back with appropriately coloured clips/elastics etc and make up and jewellery kept to a minimum (as in school). Badges earned are worn on a navy shoulder bag.

For more information, click here or contact Elisabeth Greenham on 8026 2355 or by clicking here.