Film on Fridays
Friday 12th September 2014: 7.45pm
EVeryone is invited to come along to these open meetings at 7.45pm in the Dovetail Library/ We watch substantial clips from the film and discuss the main themes. We have had some really good discussions this year. Our first film of the autumn season, led by Mark Downer, is: Good Vibrations.

Terri Hooley is a rebel and music-lover in 1970s Belfast, when the conflict known as the Troubles shuts down his city. As his friends take sides and take up arms, Terri opens a record shop on the most bombed half mile in europe and calls it Good Vibrations. Galvanising the young musicians into action, he become the unlikely leader of a motley band of kids and punks who join him in his mission to create a new community, an alternative Ulster, to bring his city back to life.

Do come along if you can