General Church meeting
Wednesday 18th April 2018: 7.30pm
On Wednesday 18th April it will be Peter’s last Church General Meeting of his time ministering to us – leading, caring, preaching, supporting, sharing, listening and loving.

The fact that he will be leaving us in a few months does not mean there is nothing to discuss and decide. This is our opportunity as a community of Christians to reflect on the year that has gone and plan for the year ahead. To share our own thoughts on what God wants for us as a church. It is easy to dismiss the agenda as a list of administrative matters to be dealt with one by one but each item will touch on how someone feels or has felt called to contribute to church life.

As a Stewards’ Team we urge you to attend, maybe as a sign of your own contribution or maybe to make a new contribution or maybe just to show your love and support to those making a contribution. It would be great if you could be there on the 18th.