More Than Medals
Monday 23rd July 2012: 10am-4pm, and 6pm-8:30pm all week!
Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church was transformed for a week for an interactive meditation with an Olympic theme entitled ’More than Medals’. All the chairs were removed and a running track was laid out in the Church, complete with hurdles. Some activities at the 11 prayer stations were designed specifically for children, so that whole families could take part.

Because it is difficult to find the time and quiet to pray, the aim was to absorb the peace and, by walking the interactive prayer stations, to meet with God whilst reflecting on our own life’s journey. The first actions were about letting go, taking off watches and switching off mobiles in order to focus on God.

Each prayer point featured a display, most with Bible verses and quotations from athletes demonstrating where Christian belief and Olympic ideals meet, as well an interactive activity to focus thoughts. For instance at the hurdles, participants were invited to think about what was getting in their way, perhaps a physical hurdle, fear or worry, and then to think about what could be done about it, and, assured of forgiveness, to write the problem on a sticker and leave it on a hurdle. Depictions of a flame reflected our task as torchbearers of the Gospel and symbolic rings represented the world and our place in it. The supporters’ corner emphasised our relationships with others; another the need for spiritual refreshment, symbolised by drinking a glass of water, and finally how with God everyone can be a winner. At this station, participants could have their photo taken with a medal.

It is always difficult to put spiritual experiences into words, but the Visitors’ Book testifies to the value of the meditation, and that people not only had appreciated the peace, but had indeed encountered God.