Small Groups Pudding Event
Saturday 23rd November 2013: 7.30pm
Our Church places a high priority on small groups and home groups. People find them to be a really important part of their Christian journey with others – whether they are just at the beginning, or some way down the road! It is also a place where you can feel you belong. As a large congregation, we want to work together to make small groups available to everyone interested.
So a particular request to those in our congregation who have benefited from being in a group over the years and who could now offer to help new groups get started. This could be through mentoring and supporting a new group and its leader, being a leader yourself, or joining a new group to help it start up. Please could you think whether there is a role that you could play – and come along on the 23rd to see where God’s spirit leads us?
Another way you could help is by offering a pudding for the evening. Please see Val Thomas or contact her on if you can offer a pudding.
Whatever your situation, please come along and enjoy an evening of fellowship, explore what sort of groups might be of interest and, hopefully we may be able to link people together into groups ready to start up in the new year.
Ideas for groups so far: Families group (for people at a similar life-stage with young children)
Boyatt Wood Group Issues of the Day Discussions (this might be an occasional group to reflect together when there are major issues in our society)
Theatre Group Making Music Group Christians with Questions (for those who are thinking about how
they interpret some more difficult aspects of the Bible)
“Come as you are” (getting people thinking about what it means to follow Christ in today’s world)