Minister's Letter - November 2019

Dear friends,

The strapline of Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church is “making more faithful followers of Jesus”. It’s a really good strapline, because it’s about us becoming more faithful followers of Jesus, and it’s also about us encouraging others to become Jesus’ followers, but they are connected. At the General Church Meeting in April, I said that “unless we make a conscious effort to deepen our spirituality and discipleship, I think that our efforts to make new faithful disciples will be limited. For me, deepening, nurturing the spiritual lives of every member is central to our future and indeed everything we do”. This theme was echoed and re-echoed in your responses to the Circuit’s questionnaire and in a conversation that the Leadership Team had about the priorities for our Church.

When I arrived, there were already conversations about “Holy Habits”, a two-year programme of exploring the practices that support the deepening of spirituality and discipleship, and enable us to share the faith that sustains us with others. In July, Church Council agreed that we should embark on it, and it will be launched here at the Annual Covenant Service on 5th January. Many of you will already be practising the “habits” in some form or other, so they won’t come as a surprise, but they will give us all an opportunity to explore them further.

We hope that our understanding of them (for ourselves and for the Church) will be extended and our practice embedded. For each habit there will be questions to explore, and we will ask you to feed-back your responses to these. They will help the Leadership Team reflect on how Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church needs to be re-shaped in the future, so that we can continue to grow (in depth and numbers), by “making more faithful followers of Jesus”.

Please pray for Holy Habits and for those, led by Ken Richardson, who are making the necessary preparations.

With good wishes, Sue