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Everyone is welcome to all of the services. There always are stewards on duty who will be pleased to help you with any questions.

Quite a lot has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Many of the changes are positive and are likely to last. We are not using hymnbooks or service books and we are fortunate in having large monitors in the Church and in the Dovetail Café to project hymns and prayers. The chairs in the Church are now in short rows allowing plenty of room between people. Instead of the collection being taken worship, there is now a plate at the entrance where enveloped donations are received. The pandemic has led more of our congregation to donate by standing order which is helpful in many ways. There are of course downsides as to how we are permitted to hold our services at present, such as the continued wearing of masks, but our strong fellowship continues and we support each other in these trying times.

Worship on Sundays
Breakfast Church 9.30am first Sunday
We have introduced Breakfast Church on the first Sunday of the month at 9.30am in the Dovetail Cafe. Breakfast Church is aimed at young families though all are very welcome and in practice a wide range of ages are coming to enjoy informal worship and crafts as well as food and drinks.

Tea and Coffee 10.30am every Sunday
Following Breakfast Church and on every Sunday at 10.30am we are serving tea and coffee in the Dovetail Café before the 11am service. It is a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new people feel welcome.

Morning Worship 11am every Sunday
Image 1 The main celebration of the day is led by a variety of ministers and local preachers, lasting about 45 minutes. The service consists of hymns and modern songs, prayers, Bible readings and a talk about the readings or other Christian themes. The words of hymns and songs are projected on to 6 large monitors in the body of the Church.

Evening Service 6.30pm third Sunday
Image 9 We share this monthly service in traditional format with members of St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Eastleigh. It is led by a variety of ministers and local preachers and usually held in the Dovetail Café on the 3rd Sunday evening of the month and incorporates Holy Communion.

Children and Young People

On the first Sunday of the month, we met with all ages in Breakfast Church at 9.30am - for more details, see above.

On the second and fourth Sunday of every month we have group provision for children and young people running at the same time as the 11am Sunday morning service:

CFMC Kids: Our group for primary school age children, to hear Bible stories, learn more about God, do some craft and play games. This group meets in Meeting Room 1 (a steward will be able to let you know where to go)

Sunday Youth: Our group for school years 7-13. This group is a Bible study-based group with chat and games too. This group meets in the Dovetail Café.

Communion Services

The Methodist Church welcomes all who seek to draw nearer to God to share in communion. Wafers, gluten free if required, and ‘wine’ are distributed by the ministers to the congregation who remain seated. All eat and drink together to express our unity.

Each month there are usually 3 opportunities to share in communion:

Early Morning Communion at 9.30am on the 2nd Sunday in the Prayer Corner
A quiet, reflective communion, lasting about 40 minutes. There are usually no hymns or music at this service.

Evening Worship with Communion at 6.30pm on the 3rd Sunday
We share this service in traditional format with members of St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Eastleigh and meet in the Dovetail Café.

Morning Worship with Communion on the 4th Sunday
The sharing in communion is an integral part of this service.

Midweek Worship
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On Thursdays there is a Midweek Service at 10.30am, a short act of worship lasting about 25 minutes led by a minister or local preacher, including hymns and modern songs, prayers, Bible readings and a talk about the readings or other Christian themes. Most of the congregation adjourn for coffee in the Dovetail Café after the service.

Circuit Services

Chandler's Ford Methodist Church is part of the Winchester and Eastleigh Methodist Circuit. This means we are linked to a number of other Methodist Churches and Local Ecumenical Partnerships. From time to time, we hold joint services to mark significant moments in the life of the circuit.