Gift Day
Saturday 15th June 2019: 10am until 12noon
At the last Church Council it was agreed to hold a Gift Day with the broad theme “Mission through Youth and Children” and this will take place on 15th June.
It will be two years since we held the last Gift Day with the focus on the Dovetail Centre. The café refurbishment has of course been a great success, and there were excess funds raised in 2017 which assisted with the balancing of the Church accounts.
Church Council felt that it would be good to have a focus on the various aspects of our work with young people, and to raise funds for some of those useful extras including the following:
 New staging for Hand In Hand puppets
 Portable lighting for the puppets
 Small tables and chairs for various children’s groups
 A speaker bar for the Dovetail TV for Messy Church
The great thing about some of these items is that they will be of use in other areas of Church life. For example, the portable lighting will be beneficial for Drama Group productions and the improved sound for the TV could be used by Women’s Fellowship, Curious Café, etc.
There will be other items to add to this list, but the total costs are anticipated to be under £10,000. Any thoughts please see me, Keith Cole or Anne Heath – also if you would like to join the small organising group you would be most welcome.
Please give some thought and prayer time to whether you will be able to use this opportunity to make a one-off additional financial gift to the Church. More details will be announced in the coming weeks. As ever with the Gift Day the hope is that excess funds will be raised so that a contribution can also be made to general funds. This is a particular need this year because we have a forecast deficit and there has already been some significant exceptional expenditure on renewing the office computers and arising from the quinquennial property inspection.