Memories Choir
Tuesday 3rd December 2019: 10-11am
Many know of the benefits of singing, particularly for those who have dementia.
Singing groups do exist in the Borough already
but this group will be singing older hymns and choruses.
Most of our age group sang hymns in school and in Sunday School so if any of you know someone with dementia, they will be welcome so long as accompanied.
Anyone who just enjoys the older hymns would be welcome to join our ‘choir’ and recall these well-loved memories that express our faith or once-held faith in God.
Memories Choir will be singing older hymns and chorusesfrom 10-11am
  • Tuesday 3 December

  • Tuesday 17 December

  • in the Ambrose Chalk room – open from 9.45am
    For more information please contact Mrs Mavis Deacon 023 8025 4622